Expert Academic Tutoring Services (North Mankato)

I am an experienced, full-time freelance writer, editor, and tutor who offers a plethora of tutoring services for students from all backgrounds. From help with high school and college level courses to guiding you on the path to becoming a better writer and researcher—I have you covered!

My background in education is extensive and expansive. I earned a PhD in history from the University of Memphis in 2012 and taught college level world and American history there as a teaching assistant and later as an adjunct professor. In addition to my background as a professor, I am well-read and knowledgeable in a variety of different disciplines, including some of the following: history, archeology, anthropology, economics, theology, world religions, some ancient languages, art history, and many more.

My research has been published in academic and popular publications, and I have worked as a freelancer writer and editor for more than five years, so I can use that experience and knowledge to help with your writing. Writing is easy for some and difficult for others, but it is also something that everyone can do and improve on with a little help and practice.

I am also a seasoned public speaker and speech writer, so I can certainly help you get over the fear of speaking in front of crowds.

I know that today we live in uncertain times and business and school isn’t conducted the way it once was, so I offer sessions on Skype, Zoom, and other similar platforms. Here is a brief summary of some of the services I offer:

• Test preparation: I will help you or your child prepare for upcoming quizzes and exams. Although I can’t guarantee an “A” grade, I can help you learn skills and techniques that will make you a better test taker.
• Topic brainstorming: A major part of college, and APA high school classes, is paper writing. I will help you overcome your apathy toward writing by leading you past the first, and often most important, hurdle—developing a topic.
• Research development: Research can be tedious and at times difficult, but I can help make it a little easier. I’ll help you decide what sources to use for your paper and let you know which ones are academically worthless. Also, closely connected to research development is thesis development. Every good research paper has a clear, concise thesis.
• Public speaking coaching: I know that snakes and public speaking are two universal fears, and although I can’t help with the first one, I will do my part to help you overcome your phobia of speaking in public.

My baseline rate is $42 an hour, although that is subject to negotiation depending on the type and length of the job. I also offer a discount for payment in crypto.

CV and references are available upon request. Thank you.


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